Restore Corrupted File

First time forum user – I apologize if this post is not filed or tagged correctly. I’m having an issue opening a file that I created last week. SketchUp is displaying an error message “File not found or invalid”. Attempted to recover from the Autosave file, but am getting the same message. Is there a way to restore the file or at least a part of it? Any help is appreciated. Corrupted file is attached.

Peterson_Great Room Windows.skp (1.6 MB)

Thank you!

Using Sketchup Version 21.1.331
MacOS Big Sur 11.6

You posted in a good place. Hopefully @colin will see this soon (it’s only 6:40 am where he is) and be able to recover at least something for you. Most often he’s able to recover the components in your file.

Where have you been saving the file to when you are working on it?

Fingers crossed – thank you! The file (and the autosave .skb) has been saved on my desktop.

Indeed! Fingers crossed.

I’m in Arizona at the moment, it was only 5:40am for me!

I can’t rescue the file, but I’ve asked the developers to look at it.

Thanks for the help!

It turned out to be worth asking the developers.

Peterson_Great Room Windows (recovered).skp (1.6 MB)

Fantastic! This saves me a few hours of on-site remeasuring. Thank you so much to everyone involved!

I hope the developers are keeping notes on reported corruptions, and thinking about possible ways to prevent them from occurring or to automatically recover (possibly with partial loss) when opening a file. :slight_smile: I recall a recent earlier case with a material that had a problematic name or something, and you had mentioned that more defensive coding was being considered.

I am sure that is the plan.

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