Restarting Sketchup after certain amount of time

Every so often in Sketchup Pro I have to restart the program. It won’t allow anymore command other then saving the model at that point.

hello, many threads about that lately

Many items can not be selected - After upgrading sketchup - #2 by paul.millet


What commands are you seeing this for? Is this the context menu entries being grayed out, or are other commands also affected?

The context menu gets grayed out and you cannot perform anymore commands other then to save and close the model


Check the edit menu and see if the context menu options are still available there. They should be, if they aren’t it is another issue.

Saving and closing the model aren’t commands of the context menu. Do you mean you are seeing this only in the context menu, or that you are seeing it in all menus, but with File > Save being an exception? Are File, Edit, View and other menus affected?