Resizing an imported image with the tape measure

How do I resize an imported image with the tape measure after exploding it on a Mac. I have toggled the guides off with the alt/option key, but when I type in the new measurement it does not resize.

That’s odd, it seems to work for me. I have had cases where the resizing didn’t work, and for those I just drew a line along one edge, then the tape measure resize worked.

The Option key shouldn’t have been involved at all.

Try doing it without exploding the image. Why are you importing as an image and then exploding it anyway?

I should say, I was talking about resize model. If you have an existing model, and import and explode an image, the simplest way to resize it would be to draw a line of that length and use inference with the scale tool.

Are you using a Mac?

I saw on a tutorial that if you explode it then the image is a face. If you don’t explode it then it places a face over the image covering everything making it harder to trace.

I trace imported images quite frequently and never explode them. I did that tonight for a project I was working on. Generally, I’m finished tracing the image when I place the last edge that closes the loop so it’s not a problem that a face is formed. The formation of the face assures me that all the edges are co-planar, too. If I don’t want to see the face anyway, I switch to Wireframe face style which still allows the image to show if it isn’t a texture. When finished with the image, I delete it and there’s no textures to purge.

Different methods.

Either way, I think you would find it works to resize with the Tape Measure as you’re trying to do if you do it at least before you explode the image.