Resizing 2017, 3d model

I’ve tried to resizing a model i got from 3d warehouse to match the dimensions of a real wood beam in mm.
I got everything in mm, i’ve sometime got it to work somewhat with measuring tool and write size and press enter, but i skales the whole bit.
I want to have a certain thickness and height on my beam, but i only keep changing both in according to both measurements, in a sort of scaling. how do i do…

please help im getting stuck in these stupid things instead of getting on with my projekt :slight_smile:

When scaling you have to be careful which scale-grip you choose.
A corner grip will scale in 3 dimensions at the same time.
A side grip will scale in 2 dimensions.
And a middle grip will scale in only one dimension.
If you want to change the beam to your measurements, you have to scale twice, once for thickness and once for height.
You can type “mm” after the measurement you need.

I think it would be a lot faster to model a wooden beam yourself than scaling in 3 different directions.
Edit: Here a link to a scale instruction video Scale Tool - Square One - YouTube

Scale tool


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the first value corresponds to the direction of the red axis, the second to the green axis and the last to the blue axis, separated by; and add mm at the end

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