Resize Sketchup embed preview size


Hello, I am working on one project and I want to use sketch up embedding. Everything is working fine, just one problem, I do not know how to make custom size of preview.
While you still not clicked on blueprint the preview image is cropped like this:
is it possible and if it is how I can make it wider so it look like this:
Thank You in advance.


This is harder to tell from a static image than from the real embedding!

  • Is the issue that preview and model extend differently to fit the iframe bounding box (fit height, fit width, fit both)? Have you tried a different aspect ratio?
  • Is the issue that the preview image does not scale up at all to extend to the iframe bounding box (but stays at its fixed pixel size)?


To add to @Aerilius questions with a comment: you’ll see many model thumbnails in 3D Warehouse that are tiny or not sized correctly. This is because people don’t set their camera where they want it and then save before uploading. If it’s zoomed out too far, zoom in on your model, save, and the share it again (it should update, and not create a new link), and that should fix it if it’s not one of the things Aerilius was asking about.