Resize object one side at a time

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I want to be able to change the size of an object, in this case an LCD Monitor which is an imported .skb file.

Got pretty good at use of the ruler for re-sizing however I want to be able to change the width to say 20"W x 13"H and when I change one side it works fine BUT also changes the other proportionately and incorrectly.

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Most likely you can just open the component for editing to get to the edges and faces. Then use a selection box around one side and use the Move tool to move the selection.

for a start, you should only be importing/opening .skp files…

.skb is the .skp backup file and is meant for internal use only…

@DaveR beat me to the rest…


Thanks John, typo. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave, I get that, but I need to make the object a specific dimension. 20" x 13"

Moving the side like that doesn’t let you be precise, does it?

Sure it does. Start the move in the desired direction and type the required distance change. Hit Enter and Bob’s yer uncle.

So if the width is currently 18" and you need it to be 20". start the move, let go of the mouse and type 2, Enter.

Great thanks! I thought I tried that (which took me down the ruler resize path) but I’ll give it another shot. :slight_smile:

Report your findings.

I think the monitor model I’m using is not optimal. It either splatters it all over the place or moves the side without resizing the screen component.

I have to grab some lunch but I’ll try it in about an hour.

You have to get down to the base geometry. It sounds like you’ve got some nesting in the component so you’ll have to get inside each component/group. Or just exploded all the components/groups inside the parent before resizing.

I think you’re right Dave. I got a simpler model and it seems to work. The one I downloaded was a Dell 22" and pretty complex. Messy.

Thank you!

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