Required internet speed

In regards to internet speed. My current internet system is 50 mbps download speed and 10 mbps upload speed. After upgrading all of my components in my desk top computer I find it is still lagging. Is there a recommended amout of internet speed for doing memory consuming renderings and 3d modelling?

you don’t need internet to do any of that in sketchup pro (your profile says you are using pro 22). sketchup pro works offline, except once a month when you need to connect.

and even to use the web version, once it’s loaded, it doesn’t need to communicate with the server.
and even if / when it needs to communicate with the server, 50mbps will work ok.

What are you trying to do that is lagging? SketchUp does not do anything with the internet at all when modeling.

If you are seeing lag, it is more likely related to your graphics card or RAM than your internet connection.


as Aaron says, it’s likely related to your hardware. do you know your processor speed (in Ghz), how much RAM you have (in Gb) and the name of your graphics card ?

But it might not be material related, even a powerful computer might have trouble with heavy / complex files.
Do you have a file at hand that you can share with us ? (a laggy file off course :slight_smile: )
(you can drop it here, or through wetransfer / any drive)

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thanks for the reply I upgraded my graphic card to the RTX 3090 and just recently upgraded my processor to the AMD Ryzen 9 5950 x. It is not the computer. I use Vray with Sketchup and the renderings take up a lot of memory. I will most likely try the upgrading the internet speed to see if it works out or helps

It won’t help because it doesn’t have any bearing on how fast sketchup works or how fast Vray renders.


Your best bet is to upgrade your workflow and leave your hardware alone.


thanks very much for the responses much appreciated

If you are looking for help you should consider sharing your model so forum members can give you some idea of how to model more effectively. Now, there is nothing I can do to stop you from upgrading your internet speeds, but I can tell you that doing so will not make SketchUp more performant.


Thanks very much for the offer 1Whitefox but I should be ok.

Last week I was working on the same model with out any lagging. Working on the model this week when it would start to slow down I would go to the Task Manager Performance Monitor. The CPU, GPU and Memory all were in 15% of their max. Only the Wifi was overloading. I work with Sketchup and Vray at the same time so normally the CPU and GPU are being used the most.

You have a 6-core CPU? 3D modelling with any application is a single-threaded operation.

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How much disk space does the .skp file use?
Is it stored on a local drive?

How many edges and faces have you added since, components and groups included?

at the risk of soundingreading like a broken record, send us one of the files you’re having lag with so we can check them and possibly optimise them.

you may think it’s hardware related, but until we can look at a file, we have no way to be sure.

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I have not added anything to the model from last week. I am just in the process of rendering.

I upgraded my processor to the ryzen 9 5950 x two weeks ago. I am able now to split the live rendering and final rendering to both the GPU and CPU and it has really helped. I can do more now with the improved processor. I just reset the sketchup model so hopefully that will solve any glitches.

Thanks everyone for your response, much appreciated.


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uuhhh… what ?

So you still have your problem, we didn’t fix anything, and beyond the fact that you recently upgraded to a ryzen 9 5950x that allows you to split the rendering, you’re not giving us anything. There are 5+ messages either asking for the file or for infos about it.
But all you answer is that you recently upgraded to a rysen 9 5950x

at some point, do you want help getting a faster sketchup ? if so, you’ll have to share a slow working file.
Anyway, I’ll mute this thread, better people than me will follow-up.


Maybe, maybe not.


my orginal queston was, does the speed of the internet effect the performance of vray and sketchup

the answer I recieved was "no "

that was all i was interested in finding out


The Ryzen 9 5950x has 16 cores and 32 threads, it’s still one of the best CPUs for professional use.

I don’t think your hardware is the problem like others have said, your CPU and gpu are still powerfull.

Well, its single core performance is lackluster compared to, say, an i9 at a similar price. It is about comparable to my old i7.