Requests for Parts Drawings

So I am interested in creating 3D drawings using models of real world items.
For instance I want to draw a specifications / procedure drawing of a stand up shower.
Rather than field measure all the individual parts and pieces of parts, build them in sketchup and then insert them into my drawing, it would be so much more time efficient if these were already existed.
So not generic “standard” but brand specific.
Can I email a manufacturer and say "hey can I have your cad drawing of your shower floor drain assembly?
If so it would still suck to have to solicit every manufacturer for each part and piece.
It would be great is someone already created a library of all these parts.

I’ve done this sort of things quite a few times. In many cases if you look close enough you can often find CAD files (of various formats) already available on companies websites. Sometimes they are placed in the specifications area, or behind a sign in page where you may need to create an account to gain access to the files.

It varies by vendor, and there’s certainly no standard way for how these get distributed. Some companies have different sign in levels… 1) for home owners 2) designers 3) for architects.

But as far as contacting them directly, I’d say the approach you take will have a lot to do with the outcome. I’ve had times where I was told they can’t give out the files,… and after asking about additional dimensions that weren’t already published… I ended up being able to get a file. I’m usually also going buy the product which I’m inquiring about so I think that also helps quite a bit.

There are many CAD libraries already available, which you can search for— some are Free, and Some are Paid for.

Consider using ‘CAD Block Libraries’ as part of your search terms, but this traditionally tends to bring up 2D CAD files… and sometimes 3D wire frame models.

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Many manufacturers produce downloadable cad files, usually in DWG format that you can import into SU. The problem is that very few such files are available in 3D format. If you want a 3D model, you will have to assemble it from the standard 2D views. Fine for the occasional item but a right pain if you have lots.

Be careful importing manufacturer’s models. It’s usually the case that a manufacturer’s reason to create a 3D model is for their own use, e.g. in CAM. As a result, such models are often highly-detailed representations of a single object, with large numbers of edges and faces to capture those details accurately. I’ve seen a model of a sink that had thousands of edges to capture just the drain strainer. That’s appropriate for the original purpose and ok if the SketchUp model is going to feature an extreme closeup looking at that strainer, but is otherwise needless bloat. Always look carefully at such models and think about whether their level of detail is enough but not more than enough for your use. Simplify them when needed.

Did that sink happen to come from Kohler product symbols… just out of curiosity

I can’t remember for certain (it was in a model posted on the forum for help, not one of mine), but I know it was from one major manufacturer or another.