Request: Update Help Center

I’m a longtime user of SU8, just updating to the online version. Some things have changed, and I have spent considerable time trying to track down the new items (Tags instead of Layers— was it too self-explanitory? X-Ray is now See Through and no longer has a given shortcut. but is three deep in the Menu?)

In the process, I’ve tried following the hints in Help Center, and many of them don’t work or are not useful. The latest is Making Shortcuts. Specifically, for X-Ray. The given method is to search, then hover over the item, and when a box appears type in the preferred shortcut. I hover, but I get no box.

I searched the forums, and was reminded that you can open Preferences and under Shortcuts, set one. Easy Peasy. Why not list that in Help Center instead?

There have been several items, can’t remember them all, where this applies. Enough to suggest that Help Center get an item by item revision to the latest version.

Possibly the help center could be more version specific in the future.

That would be a big help!

And pardon me if my frustration creeps out in my post. I find tech problems often infuriating.

I found, buried in the Help Center, a note that the Help Center search is very specific— it could not find xray, it needed x-ray. And that if I need a broader search, I should search online on the online SU help site, the search engine is better.

One thing that would help us help you is if you’d complete your profile with SketchUp version, operating system and graphics card.