Request to add visual indicators for larger than screen groups/components and while editing an instanced component

Please provide a visual indicator for the following:

  1. You have selected an element of a group or component when you are zoomed in and cannot see the entire boundary box of that group/component. It would be great if you could provide an indicator like a thick blue line around the viewing window for these circumstances. As an example, I have furniture in my model all on 1 large group. Sometimes when I am inside a room, I think I’m moving just a TV, but end up moving all the furniture in the house with it. I could avoid this mistake more easily if it was clear that the element I’m trying to move is part of something much larger. I know I should look for the TV’s Boundary box before moving it, however on box shaped objects aligned to the grid, there is not much difference between the boundary box, and the blue lines showing that it is part of the selection. Another solution or maybe in conjunction might be to have a different color for each of the following:

    1. Blue for a selected objects lines
    2. Green for the selected groups boundary box
    3. Purple for the selected components boundary box
  2. It would be great if you could provide an indicator like a thick red line around the viewing window or maybe the pointer turns red when editing an instanced component. For example, I’m editing a instanced door, and forgot to make it unique. If I don’t hide, all the other objects, it’s easy for me to modify this instance and then realize I accidentally changed another door I did not want to change once I zoom out and go to that space.


We have weekly meetings to discuss progress on tool development. That happens to be 40 minutes from now. I added a link to your post to the agenda. I also created a feature request in our system, with the number SKOR-17449.

Thank you Colin. :slight_smile:

So you know, we had a good discussion about the idea, and the product manager is going to do more thinking about it.

Really, this is the squeaky wheel! There are a thousand other things that should be addressed before even thinking about this.


Thank you Colin. Some kind of subtle signal to distinguish the different kinds of entities being manipulated would be wonderful. Thanks again and have a great day! :slight_smile: