Request help with unwanted lines and high gloss surface

Hi all, and Happy New Year! I am still working on my presentation for a sign I am proposing…I am a Sketchup Pro user and have been for some years now. I am wondering if there is a way to eliminate all the striations along the edges of my letters (as shown in my SKP), and also, if there is a way to achieve a beautiful high gloss on the letters front and sides? I have looked at V-Ray but can’t afford it just yet. And there was another plugin called Shaper or something like that. They closed their doors. If you have time to help me deal with these 2 issues, I will probably get the job. I have tried everything I can think of so far. Thankyou for sparing me a few moments thus saving me many hours of disdain. Robbie
YYYYY-gloss needed-SKP.skp (15.8 MB)

Removing the “striations” which are edges around the outside arc surfaces is an easy job using soften/smooth. Select the geometry with triple click or a selection box, then choose to soften coplanar (you don’t have many coplanar edges here but just in case), or just move the slider a bit, really make any change in the settings to apply the current settings to the selection, set the soften slider to a suitable position to soften the edges in question.


Without a rendering engine involved getting a “glossy” look that includes reflections is difficult/impossible within SketchUp. However there may be some style settings that could get you closer, or at least better than the style you are using. What color, material, and texture should the letters be?

@endlessfix is correct. SketchUp only has a simple shading renderer built in. You could try a glass, metal or similar material and see if it is close enough to the effect you want, but without using a separate render you will not get reflections, which are part of what lends realism to a glossy surface.

Thankyou endlessfix and Steve! Previously I had to delete each line and close the surface up wherever necessary. As far as the hi black gloss, I tried most of the surfaces in sketchup and none look realistic or effective. Do you have time to put a black metal gloss on my caption? I can then mount it on my light gray concrete surface. Otherwise I will have to submit it as a tacky ineffective render. If you don’t have the time I’m OK and will have to keep trying. I am attaching another SKP with the pesky striations removed, and I put a “mirror” surface on the logo. Then mounted the letters on a slab of concrete (slightly away from the wall *they will be backlit. Is there anyone out there that can make the black and glossy, or tell me how to do it? I have to visit the customer tomorrow and want his eyes to pop out. Any help would be appreciated.

Robbie thanks you

YYYYY-gloss needed-SKP.skp (15.8 MB)

Slammed together version to get you started. You can play with downloading images from the web and applying those to the surfaces in your model.

Untitled 1.skp (1.6 MB)


Riley, Thankyou for your effort. I need realistic gloss as in a beautiful lacquered cabinet or if the letters are made of black mirror gloss chrome. I wish I could afford V-Ray, but that is for sometime in the future. Thankyou again. ~R

There are a few free renderers I believe, don’t know if they can be used for commercial purposes though…
And prepare yourself for a learning curve…

@DaveR often posts good renders he has done with Kerkythea which is a free standalone rendering application with an export extension for SketchUp. I don’t know how steep its learning curve is.

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Twilight Render has a free version Twilight Render


I watched the one Sketchup “Shaper” tutorial and went to buy it and they are out of business. It looked pretty sensible and user friendly. But now I have to make a mockup for a sign job. It’s not for sale in any way shape or form, merely a visualization.

Will give a second recommendation for the Twilight Render / Hobby version. It’s free, can be used for commercial purposes and has a reasonable learning curve.

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You can apply textures that can sort of fake shininess within sketchup.
Here I just grabbed a shiny spot from an internet search and used it to paint the tops of the letters.

You need to understand that a sketchup view and a render view are two very different things, and we can’t ‘render’ the lettering/logo for you to use as a shiny thing in sketchup. Rendering relies on the material and the environment and a multitude of settings. At best in sketchup you can cleverly use images to fake reflections. There are a few people who are very good at it, but it is a whole new level of skill to get it right.
Edit: Just realised I’m repeating what @endlessfix was saying.


Thankyou Tuna!

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There are cheaper rendering engines than Vray, like thea, brighter3D, ambientoclussion, SU podium, twiligh(there’s a free version of it) and a lot more, you can also export it and render it on a different software like twinmotion, unreal engine or blender, those are free softwares.

I appreciate the effort and the fact that you rescinded. I was looking for a "wet/polished/candy coating look. I saw it in Vray and Sketchup Shaper. Shaper is out for the count and Vray is not affordable at this time. Thank you for your interest. Any response is always appreciated. Robbie

You keep alluding to “Sketchup Shaper” . Can you provide a link to it as you seem to be rejecting the alternate solutions mentioned above.

I meant that I appreciate the fact that you “responded”, not rescinded. That spell check, whoever he or she is, should be hanged lol Robbie

Based on his “i5” graphics card and windows 7, I think the issue is his graphics card would explode if he tried using twinmotion or Unreal.
I feel his pain. :pensive:


(138) Glossy and Shiny material types in Shaderlight for Sketchup - YouTube

It’s called “Shaderlight” I hadn’t remembered the full name of the software plugin. Thankyou, Robbie

I was looking to procrastinate, and Twinmotion was already open: