Request for .x converter that recognises components and axis

I use a game called Vehicle Simulator and I am trying to create models for it which have moving parts such as doors landing gear engines etc and am struggling to find a .x converter that allows me to set the axis of components that are in the .x file when it is converted
Any help would be greatly appriciated

have you tried exporting as kmz then using the import kml on the [unzipped] kmz?

It is for a directx game which recognises .x files rather than kml files

it has an importer for klm built in…

I am meaning that the game uses .x files rather than kml

read the games specs for importing kml
it’s halfway down this page…

That is for land rather than vehicles the vehicles themselves use the directx files seen here

if you have the pro version of SU you can export to 3ds and use the convertor they reference?

or maybe use the xplane plugin and find an importer for that?

I am currently using this converter
but unfortunately while that allows components to be used it dose not allow me to set individual component axis and have it recognised by the .x file

I’ll have a look at the code [no promises on outcome]…
if you save a single asset as a component and export only one, is the axis correct?

if I rotate it in scketchup first but as the component needds to move sideways along the green axis but the vehicle points foward along the red axis so the game thinks the axis for the door to move on is the red axis it moves backwards

the code has copyright so I won’t hack it, but have you tried the

main_menu.add_item(“Export Blender…”) { export_directx_rotated}

option, it seems to ‘pre-rotate axis’

it seems to completely mess up the model making almost everything disapear and what dosent disappear gets flipped rotated and who knows what else if I use the export blender option

it was just a thought…
the author welcomes feedback at this address
but as it was written in 2008 he may have moved on…
the script itself is very dated, and should have a complete overhaul, which could also address your issues…
drop him a email…

I will contact him and see if he can assist me
Many Thanks for your help

@danim007, I just stumbled on this one, appears to work [i.e. doesn’t crash] on my mac…
might be worth trying…

click here to go to the download site…

I tried that one but again it dose not handle components