Request for the ability for SketchUp to skip non-functioning plug-ins upon opening a file

Not so much a topic but more of a request…
Currently, when opening a .skp file or starting a new .skp file from template, SketchUp will freeze and/or crash if one or more plugins fail to load. (see my previous post requesting help on this issue in the forum SketchUp 2022-0-353-126 on Mac M1 Max - Monterey 12.3.1 - CRASHING ON OPEN) It would be wonderful if, rather than coding SketchUp to freeze/crash when this loading failure happens, that instead the code be written such that the particular culprit plugin be skipped from loading so that SketchUp can continue to open and function as expected. This would hopefully solve two problems, one begin that the software will remain functional, and two, the culprit plugin would be identifiable without having to guess which one might not be loading correctly
~ thanks in advance for looking into this alternative functionality…

Why are plugins failing to load? Why don’t you fix that issue? None of the extensions/plugins I have intalled fail to load.

So… Just to be straight, Sketchup is not coded to freeze or fail if there’s a problem with plug-ins. The problem happens when there is a fault in the plug-in itself. There’s no way for Sketchup to know there’s a problem until after it tries to load.


@TheOnlyAaron Thank you for your response. That is precisely the point, rather than getting hung-up/freezing on the particular plugin that is not loading, allow the software to skip the plugin and continue on opening. As a user, when SketchUp is opening and freezes - seemingly randomly as it has been function just fine previously, one, otherwise has no idea why the program is freezing up. And as you say SketchUp knows there is a problem after it tries to load, but in this instance SketchUp freezes.

Anyway, Aside from that, the SketchUp tech support person I spoke to thought I should share this here as a feature update as they thought it coming from a customer would be more valuable - take it for what it is worth… See email below from support:

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Thanks for your note.

That’s a great idea. Could you post that idea in the Feature Request link below? Feature Requests - SketchUp Community (FYI - this is where I originally posted but for some reason it was moved to “Extensions”)

Our engineers and product managers look at the forum, and posts like this are much more valued coming from a customer than from me. Our SketchUp Sages also provide expert wisdom and love to comment on new ideas and suggestions. The more users that chime in about features, limitations, workflow and ideas, the more likely it is to happen.
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great question!

What extension(s) are failing to load? Are they old, unsupported ones? Or are they just out of date? It’s within your ability to sort it out. If they aren’t loading, you can’t use them. If you can’t use them, remove them from the Plugins folder so SketchUp won’t try to load them when it starts.

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