Request for information

Hi, an odd request here, but does anyone have access to the sketch up model that Trimble sent in their email dated 15th February?

There are some features on the model that I would like use, I know, odd!

HI. Trimble send model in email? I’ve never received any… Is it regular?


I did not receive an e-mail from Trimble on the 15th - not special enough, I suppose. (The 15th can be the 14th or the 16th at the same time.)

They don’t send you a SketchUp file attached to the email, just images. I received an email containing the image of that house (and another house) on the 18th February. The OP could have saved a lot of confusion if they’d said that in the first post.

You’d only be able to get the model from someone that works for Trimble, if they even want to share it.

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Or if it is there’s to share. It may belong to someone else and Trimble got permission to use it in their marketing materials. It’s possible that the author doesn’t want to share the .skp with the world.

It’s also possible that the image was post-processed in some way and does not exist in final form as a SketchUp file. That’s not at all unusual when an image is the desired outcome.

If you asked about the specific features you like, maybe someone could help you draw them yourself.


Thanks McGordon!