Request for improved view fit feature


The current feature that allows me to zoom out to the maximum extent of the drawing is nice but could be made a lot nicer. Here are two new capabilities that I would find very useful:

1.) I would like to be able to zoom out to the full extent of only what is selected.

2.) I would also like to zoom out to the full extent of the current working context when I am editing inside of a component.

The above features could probably be adding to the existing one or maybe new zoom out features would need to be added.


Right click, Zoom Selection.


Hide rest of model (I have assigned U as shortcut for this), Zoom Extents (Ctrl+Shift+E).


Thanks for this tip. I had not noticed that there was a zoom selection command available.


It took a little digging to find the “hide rest of model” setting but now that I know about that it will help. I can use that for what I had in mind. Thanks…


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