Request - Drag grips to length, not just scale

Being able to drag a grip and enter the length or distance would improve workflow.

Being able to select a grip and enter the overall dimension would improve workflow.

hello, enter units after desired value. grab your shape in a direction, enter for example 10mm (or whatever unit you are using) if you want it to be that long. without unit it’s a factor, with unit it’s total length

I should add, something I recently discovered that did improve things somewhat…

Double clicking on the object, ie edit path, and drag edge.

Now, the interesting thing is that I had tried this many times and never got a result. The line did not move.

But I recently discovered that typing in mm (millimetres) after the value did net the result. Even more interesting is that after typing mm just once, I no longer have to enter mm when typing the dimension. Making it much more efficient.

Ha, thanks Paul. We were replying at the same time.

This method is half way to what I’m proposing. But when you are doing a lot of it, it still seems a bit laborious compared to what I’m proposing.

Paul, it doesn’t seem to work on all objects.

Could it be that it is only working on exploded vectors? Does it work on natively drawn LO objects?

Scale in LayOut works in any objects. Just Scale > Enter > Type a number, then unit. Ex: 100mm, or 10cm

Wow. Indeed it does.

Ask and you shall receive!

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