[REQ] CTRL+Arrow Keys to Copy Selection

I would love if hitting the CTRL (or Command) modifier would allow the arrow keys to copy objects.

Copying objects like tags, texts, section cut markers and other kindo of text or symbols that have to be horizontally or vertically aligned would become much simpler.

Hit CTRL+Arrow - would copy the object in the direction and move it slightly

CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow - would copy a longer distance

Just like hitting arrow keys now just makes selection move.

This is a request from 2018, but it is locked by now:

In isolation I’m sure there’s an AHK hotstring script that could do this…

I have hotstrings set up so that when I press the space + and arrow key, the selection moves 100mm (1:1) in the direction of the arrow.

Hi Paul, what is that? Some setup?

AutoHotKey ( Windows only ).

I make extensive use of hotstrings and scripts to experiment with improving productivity in Layout and SketchUp and also to minimise my reliance on the mouse.

In Layout I have the caplocks key coded to perform a single mouse left click when pressed once.

If I press capslock slightly longer than a single keypress it will perform a mouse left click & hold until I press capslock again. This enables me to select objects without pressing the mouse buttons - the capslock key is the mouse left button. This is not so much for productivity but for minimising repetitive mouse clicking.

I make more use of Layout’s native shift + arrow keys to move objects by 10pts so I use AHK to make the arrow keys move 10pts and for shift + arrow to nudge.

And many more…


Just in case… :wink:

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