Report_Selecting by name

The new report is good but I would like to see selection by name regardless of the nesting level…If you have windows named W01,W02… and doors D01,D02,… if you could have a selection like this W##,D## maybe like searching to pick everything if the name is longer (asterisk)W##(asterisk) but has that format would be great…then you only have to worry about name your components correctly instead of the nesting level.



Quickest way: Choose a report template that has the Selection enabled instead of whole model. Then, in Outliner, start typing W01, select via the outliner, run report etc.

Thanks, Mike… I do it that way.
depending on how you work the nesting level may not work in every case as a template especially if you want to go SU all the way and replacing Autocad, Revit,etc…I don’t have the whole model in one file for many reasons and the idea behind this request is creating your templates to speed up the process. If one has the ability to use name objects would be just two clicks to generate reports using names and formats… SELECT YOUR REPORT>RUN
Run your report for kitchen cabinets…selecting automatically depending on your convention let’s say KITCHEN_CAB_(Asterisk) and it will pick everything with that name starting with “KITCHEN_CAB_” and so on.

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