Report Generation

How can I filter a report for specific components rather than for an entire model?
Do I hasve to select the components individually?

Select the components you want to include in the report and tick the box for Current Selection in the Report Generator.

I’ve tried this but it’s still bringing up unwanted components, some of which appear to be sub components in hidden tags. Is it possible to filter components by tag?

Also can differing attributes be applied to what is physically the same component (ie. location, floor level etc) or does each one have to be unique?

You should be able to choose the nesting level to control what levels get reported. Hopefully you haven’t made your model unneccesarily comple by the use of excessive nesting. As for filtering by tag, maybe grouping by tag would work for you. Maybe add Tag to the Report Attributes and then filter out what you don’t want in Excel.

If the components have different tags you should be able to order the rows in your report in Excel to sort by floor level or location or whatever.

You can ‘Group by’ by dragging the Tag attribute in the top section, it would then give you an easy way.
The order in that section is important and leading, the order in the bottom section have no impact.
Can you share an example file?