Replicate this

I am wanting to replicate the attached image but have no clue where to start.

Any help/instructions/videos would be helpful.


Do you want to reproduce the Chevy name as a 3D element on a model, or to just have it appear. Either way, save the logo as a PNG file with a transparent background, using an image-editor like Photoshop.
If you want a 3D logo in your model, I’d suggest importing the PNG file as an image, tracing it over with the Line and Arc tools, then saving the tracing as a component. Once you’ve done that, you can give it some thickness and position it wherever you want.
If you just want the image of the logo, you can apply it to your model as a projected texture. Import the PNG image as a texture that you apply to a rectangular face. Right-click on the texture and choose Projected from the list of options. There are good SketchUp tutorials about applying a projected texture to your model.
I’m sure others will have additional suggestions.

Also while you can get the modelling done in Sketchup to make it look this way it will need to be rendered using a chrome material and HDRI reflection map.

I want to reproduce this for 3D printing. So, still trying to figure out the steps and procedures to do that. Any more advice is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like I should make this in something like gimp or inkscape then import it? Not sure what to do after that… I guess I am dense…


I think I’d try tracing an existing image. Here’s admittedly the simple last letter from jpg I found.
There have been several threads on tracing already if you need them.

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Chevrolet have used a lot of different fonts, mostly custom I think, and any fonts you can get are likely to be modified for copyright reasons. Notice how none of the other replies are using the font you asked about.

Tracing may be the best option, but if you do, you may as well use a higher resolution image.

You slicing software likely has an “image to 3D” facility.