Replacing a Component in the Library



It appears you can’t replace an existing component on the Mac using SketchUp 2016. Try this:

  1. Create a 3 dimensional box.
  2. Use Make Component to create a component called Box.
  3. Then Explode the box.
  4. Use Push/Pull to enlarge (or shrink) the box.
  5. Use Make Component to create a component called Box (I have the Replace box checked).
  6. When the message stating a component already exists comes up choose Replace.
  7. Notice the primitives are not replaced with the new box nor has the box component in the library been updated.

This works on the PC version and also works on Mac version SketchUp 2015. Am I missing something very basic?



I see the same on my mac, maybe @Barry could clarify if this is expected behaviour…



It appears to be a bug introduced in the Mac 2016 version, because it behaves as expected in Mac 2015 and PC versions.



I also see this behavior. It is as if the replace button is being ignored altogether on Mac in 2016.


It looks like we have this bug logged and scheduled, but I’m getting clarification on that. If it’s different, we’ll log a new one. Thanks.