Repeating perspective and scale after zooming and rotating

I am not sure how to describe the problem I am trying to solve.

I want to be able to draw elevations for kitchens we design and be able to keep some elements constant while we evaluate options for other elements.

For example: Everybody is on board with what we are doing below countertops and generally in agreement for most of the wall cabinets. The customer would, however, like to consider more options for a column cabinet that supports a microwave. The problem I am having comes from when I zoom to work on details then zoom out I can never quite repeat the the same size or angle of perspective.

My protocol right now is to do a screen grab and paste each iteration into a CAD layout so I can display them side by side. I would like every aspect of both drawings to be identical except for the change being considered. It is easier for my customers to wrap their head around the conversation if the only variable I change is the one we are discussing.

Is there a way to control the viewing angle and relative size or location of an object after scaling and rotating?
Can I stipulate where the object stands on the page by calling out X-Y pixel locations?

Have you explored using scenes to save repeatable camera positions as well as other parameters?
Menu View>Animation>add scene
You could also incorporate Layers into your work for even more control.

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I’m not exactly sure I understand, but I think layers are what you need to show multiple alternative designs. Keep all the stuff that doesn’t change on a common layer (like Layer 0) and then put alternatives cabinets, etc on other layers with names like “Scheme B,” Scheme C," etc. By turning the various layers on and off you can switch between designs. Saving those layer setups with Scenes allows you to toggle back and forth with a single click too. Your scene settings need to save layer settings, but don’t have to save other things such as camera location.

It sounds to me as if you need to learn how to use layers and scenes. Your current workflow is way too difficult. And you should use LayOut for the documents you use to show the client.

Put the different versions of the cabinets on different layers and then create different scenes with different layers visible. Make the scenes with the same camera position and you’ve got what you’re asking for.

Here’s an example in which I changed the door on the cabinet using layers and scenes.

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