Repeat a group with scale?

Is it possible to repeat a group with scale? This model is a cable duct, typically used in electrical cabinets. It has a solid base and open-worked walls. I made two groups: the base and the walls (left and right in one group). To match the duct to the specific length, I open the combined group, scale the basegroup and copy the wall group so that it matches to the base. I searched here for “group pattern”, but that wasn’t very successful.
Scaling the combined group works of course, but scales the open-worked walls as well… which is certainly not indended.

cable_duct.skp (99.2 KB)

Creating a dynamic component will allow you to scale the duct and keep a desired size/spacing of the wall components.

Thank you!

This example may help you…

Thank you as well… now I know where to study. Great support.

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