Repairing layer mistakes

I have used Sketchup for several years,mostly for simple models. Recently I have been build a complex model of an airframe that requires a DXF output file for laser cutting. While reading over the latest Sketchup email I stumbled into a discussion on how to use layers and suddenly found that I have had an incorrect concept of how layers in Sketchup should be used. My question is, is it possible to repair/reset my current model to correct any internal conflicts or ambiguities that may exist?


The typical problem users create is associating edges and faces with layers other than 0 and not keeping Layer 0 active at all times. You might install an extension such as TIG’s Layer Watcher to help fix your model.

Actually, it’s pretty easy to reassign layers.

  1. Click the Layers dialog box. Hold control on Windows computers (probably option on a Mac) and select each of the layers in the model that you want to reassign.
    1a. Alternatively, hold Shift and select the first layer following layer 0 and then click the last layer (to select every layer other than layer 0).
  2. In the Layers dialog box, click the minus sign to delete the layers.
    2a. A new dialog box appears giving options to:
    -move the contents to default layer;
    -move contents to current layer;
    -or delete contents.
  3. Select move contents to default layer (typically layer 0).
  4. Create layers with preferred names by clicking on the plus sign in the Layers dialog box.
  5. Focus on the Entity Info dialog box.
  6. Now you can assign entities to these newly created desired layers.

Thanks for the advice, I am in the process of resetting all of the geometry to layer 0 and that appears to be working.