Renewed License to 2024 and now I can't access my 2023 files, or my 2023 sketchup

I renewed my SketchUp license this week. When I tried to update it it put me on a trial for a week and all my original SketchUp models from 2023 are greyed out and inaccessible. When I try to close 2024 and revert back to 2023, it says I need to update that, but when I do, nothing happens, and I can’t get into that either. Please help, I’ve lost a day of work trying to find a workaround, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but sure it’s something simple

When you tried 2024 did you sign in with the email used for your subscription?

Yes I did, thanks

Where are these grayed out files located? Are they on an internal drive or in the cloud?

They appear to be in location called Macbook pro

Check to see that they aren’t actually saved to iCloud. I’ve seen several other Mac users’ reports of the same grayed out files. In those cases they were saved to iCloud but weren’t accessible.

I’m not actually linked to the cloud, I switched it off as it was importing all my families data and taking all my memory

Did you actually install the latest SketchUp release? Double click on the download .dmg file and then drag the icon to Applications?

There is a macOS issue where a list of files may appear to be grayed out. Try selecting any of those files, and see if they will open, even if they looked grayed out.

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