Rendering with Shop


Can you render your model in the Sketchup shop web-based version? Or is it a Pro feature only?


Rendering is 3rd party only so not technically a Pro feature. However you can use render Pugins in Pro to render in SketchUp or convert the filetype to something specific.

Some engines can support the native Skp file so you could use with with Shop (Keyshot for example).


So how do I get the extension for rending in Shop, if applicable?


IIRC SU Shop is online only, making use of extensions not possible (currently). You’ll have to find a rendering solution that natively supports SKP files (as @liamk887 mentioned), thus you’ll need to load the SKP directly into the rendering solution.


Oh ok I think I understand now. I need to find rendering program and plug in my model. OK. Man, I need to save up for Pro, things were so much easier when I had it. :sweat_smile:


What formats can you export from SketchUp shop, can you screenshot the options for me, then I can give you a list of options you can use with SketchUp shop.



Oh well you are in luck, .Obj and .Fbx can be opened in most render engines no problem.

Why don’t you download a trial version of a few and then see what works best for you.


Thank you so much! So I would assume there’s an option for me to save my model in on of those forms? And I can also just google rendering software for 3D models?


These formats (OBJ and FBX,) are right there on the Export menu as you’ve shown in your screenshot above.

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Can you save the .skp file to your local machine in SU Shop? If so one could something like SimLab Composer to open and render the native SU file.


i’m using the free version and i was wondering the same thing. thanks OP for asking as i found the answers without even asking. thanks a lot to everyone else who responded, of course! Sean, if you find an answer to your question please update! thanks!


I use Twilight Render V2 (Hobby version) with SketchUp Make. It’s 100% free.


Yes you can, even in Free. It is the bottom menu item labeled “Download” on the “folder” menu.

Wonder no more. :wink:

SU4W just sticks them in the user Downloads folder, so you’ll need to move them elsewhere afterward.


How did you get it to work for SU Make? As I am trying to download it, it is only giving me the options to use for my SU 16 and 17, which I no longer have a license to2018-07-11.


There’s SketchUp 2017 Make.


But will it say Make on it? Right now I am using SU Shop, which is one of the online versions. What I had was SU Pro and I feel like that is what this Rendering system is trying to download to.


If it is Make, it’ll say it’s Make.

If you are using it for commercial purposes, though, you’d need use Pro.

There are plenty of other rendering applications out there.


OK I’ll try something else. Thanks.