Rendering problem in LO 2020

I have just come across a problem new to me. I opened an archive drawing in LO 2020 and all pages in the file looked much like this one:

It seemed as if the problem was that LO had lost the link to the SU drawing. So I went into Document Setup and relinked it. Made no immediate difference. Then I noticed that the warning had changed to “Rendering failed. Reduce the image size or DPI.” I didn’t really understand that but found that if I changed from hybrid rendering to raster, the expected SU drawing reappeared. I could then select hybrid again and was back to where I expected.

Any clues as to what might have caused this?

That’s a weird thing. I wonder if there is any relationship between that and the problems you and I were discussing a week or so ago. That message seems like a graphics card sort of issue.

As for relinking the file, was the new path different from the old one?

I haven’t knowingly had any graphics card issues. But I guess i might unknowingly.

I don’t think the path was different but the Document Setup didn’t show the file name, just File Missing. I may have moved the SU file but I think I have done that before without issue (not absolutely sure about that though).

The warning message sounded as if LO thought it had an image file of some sort. Don’t know where it would have got that idea.

You should get a “missing” indication in LayOut if you move the SketchUp file. It’s LayOut saying, “I went round to your house looking for you this morning. They said you moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address.”

It does sound like an image file thing but since the rendered viewport is an image…

I’m probably using the wrong terminology. By image file, I meant something like PDF, JPG, or PNG. I don’t think of an SU linked window as an image file, however rendered, but that may technically be wrong.

The Rendering Resolution setting in Document Setup>Paper also affects your memory usage etc. I always keep Display resolution Low and Output resolution High.

I get this same thing occasionally with a particular scrapbook. It is very strange behavior. I will select the scrapbook item (in this case a detail), when I place it, I get the exact same large “X” with the triangle. Then when I place it a second time, it comes in no problem. I still haven’t figured out the “why” either.

I have had similar problems. I made a post about this issue and stumbling through the new reset button for the viewport. Have tried hitting reset? If so what happens?