Rendering glitches for leader text in iOS viewer

When I view a (theatre set) model in iOS mobile viewer (latest version) I get mottled grey/black blocks near some leader text.

Here’s a screenshot

And the text sometimes disappears from view. When I move away from the Plan view to another Scene, then back, often (but not always) no leader text at all is visible. To get it back if that happens, I have to turn the text layer off, then on again.

The black or grey blocks seem to occur only on multi-line leader text, as far as I can make out. Single line leader text doesn’t seem to be affected.

Most but not all of the leader text near the corners of the image has near it black or grey blocks, which seem to be artefacts. They don’t show in SU itself, nor in the desktop viewer.

And here’s a link to the model itself (it’s too big - about 8MB - to upload here).

This isn’t expected behavior in the SketchUp Mobile Viewer, I will forward this to our engineering team to take a look at it and let you know what suggestions they have.

Thank you.

I’ve also noticed on iOS another rendering artefact I first saw on my Android tablet and phone.

Small diagonal braces in Steeldeck rostra render properly on first opening, but after orbiting and/or zooming, get replaced by alternating vertical and horizontal lines. Screenshots below, first showing correct rendering, then the oddities.

And the stairs aren’t rendering properly either, after orbiting.

This is a different set model - here’s a link to the SKP file (it’s too big to upload directly).