Rendering Extension

I am making an amphitheater and I am using Twilight render currently. I want the light beams to be visible (picture attached) but they are completely invisible to me with the best render type and after rendering for 2 days. I was wondering if there was a setting I couldn’t find that could do this or if there was another rendering program that could do it. Without the beams it looks “boring” to me.

Also, I will only use free extensions, so no paid ones please.


Probably the easiest way to get would be to add the beams in post.

I was hoping there was a extension since I don’t have photoshop.

I didn’t say you had to use Photoshop. there are other image editing packages that are available at no charge. As a hobbyist, you would likely find one of them suitable.

pulled link… it wasn’t going to right page ???

Another link…