Rendering causing issues in windows 10

Good day, I require some assistance with the following problems:

Everytime I render with my machine (windows 10, I7-8700K @4.9, 1080TI and 32GB 3200 Ghz Ram) It wont allow me to do anything, I cant browse internet or even open my files, where on my older machine when I Rendered I had no problem with this.

Also everytime I render something running in the background, Origin, steam etc crashes.

Another thing that happens windows keeps telling me my headphones are getting plugged in and out when I’m not.

And all this only happens when I render
Could it be that I need a fresh install of windows, everything is updated and all drivers are updated?

Please Help

Which rendering software do you use?

The rendering software I’m accustomed to allows you to set the priority of the software. This influences the spare resources when the rendering program is in use. Typically, you would set the priority to normal or below normal, that way all the resources are available when you’re not using the machine for anything else at the time but should you be using it (to browse the web, busy with e-mail, or whatever) lesser resources will be used by the rendering software allowing spare resources to be allocated to other tasks.

I can’t help you with the headphones problem though.

Hay thanks changing the settings worked and running better now thanks

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