Rendering and update mode: time-out or crash

During producing 2D drawings from scenes in Layout, the programm Layout crashes or closes, when reloaded update or producing a new page. I am making building layouts for the groundfloor, 1st stock and 2nd stock, but the programm cannot handel the model I think.

What can I do to solve the problem?

Hi Theo, could you try uploading that file again? It is showing that the file is Zero bytes and LayOut states it cannot be opened.


Hi was in meetings, here is it:

The .skp that is inside the .layout file also fails to open in SketchUp.

Hi Theo, I would start by purging your SketchUp model. By doing this I was able to bring the file size from almost 86mb to just under 9mb.

I then was able to replace the embedded SU file with the reduced size file. The file is still quite heavy as the model has over 2 million edges but I was able to get it to load in LO then reconnected the dimensions. Some of them will need to be redone.

Also, for files like this I would use raster as my viewport render type while I am setting things up. You can set the resolution of the displayed raster at a low resolution as well under Document Setup -> Paper.

I have sent you a link to the file via a Private Message.


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@trent Should the extracted embedded .skp also crashing SketchUp be something that SketchUp QA should look at? That’s isolated from the question of wether there was a raster or vector setting in LayOut.

Actually, having said that, I should test whether a good extract .skp can be opened. Back in a moment…

I tested opening three 75 MB embedded .skps at the same time, from a good LayOut file, and they opened ok. So something seems wrong with the 85 MB .skp in that LayOut file.

Hi Trent, it is working now. I can produce my layouts in sk.layout. Start working with 2019, so you can select the section planes.
Still the model looks to heavy for the program, but is now workable.