Render problem


I’m trying Sketchup Pro 2017 but I have a problem. First I was working in sketchup 2018 and made a house in it. But Sketchup 2018 was also a trial and when this trial was over, I continued working at the same project in skecthup pro 2017. Everything in 2018 was fine untill I began to work in 2017. It looks the same in 2017 as it was in 2018 but when I want to render my model, my materials does not appear in the viewport. I’ve tries everything but I don’t know what to do anymore 'cause everything looks the same accept that when I open the vray asset editor, my material list is empty.

Please can anyone help me?
Thank you


What rendering program are you using?

Try re stalling V-Ray by right clicking on the downloaded installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’
Also, you might want to do the same with SketchUp.
Did you downsaved the 2018 file to version 2017?