Render model option



What is the render model option for when you right click the mouse???


Where are you seeing it? What are you right clicking on?

Is it possible you’ve got a rendering extension installed and this menu item is related to it?


Yes it is when i right click it. I am not sure what rendering a model does.


Is it possible you’re actually referring to LayOut instead of SketchUp?


OOps. yes it is layout. I am fairly new to layout. that is exactly it.


OK. That’s different, then.

If you have LO setup to not automatically render SketchUp viewports when there have been changes made in the SketchUp file, the Render Model entry in the Context menu will trigger rendering for the selected viewport. If the reference has been updated but the viewport hasn’t been rendered, you’ll see a yellow triangle with ! in it as an indicator.

I moved this topic to the correct location.


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