Render geometry to plane?

Is there a way to render 3D geometry to a flat plane in SketchUp?

I have a 3D model of a building’s exterior and interior. I want to explore some visualised ideas for the exterior and so only need a flat plane representation of the modelled building. Is there a way to render the projected camera view of the 3D geo and apply that to a 2D plane representation? So the model stays nice and light weight in terms of geo density?

Depending on your use, you can export a 2D image of what shows on your screen as a raster image, or, in vector format as EPS/PDF or DWG/DXF.


Thanks, Anssi!

I guess it’s the lo-fi option. Was hoping there might be an addon that would do some of the tedious / repetitive work. Similar to Kit Ops Parallax addon by Chip Walters for Blender.


Open Shading Language (OSL) is not yet supported neither by SketchUp nor by Enscape.

But Here, I’m using Box Wrapping method to create that fake effect, without OSL support, just an unwrapped box and Parallax Maps are required.

Parallax Maps used here are from wParallax (Here)

More informations on the workflow used can be found on this thread posted on Enscape Forum :


SketchUp test screenshot

Enscape Render sreenshot

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