Rename selected materials in the Materials list

Hello all,

Is there a way to batch rename a list of selected materials in the list?

For example, I’d like, for management purposes, to rename some materials that belong to componentA (componentA_concrete, componentA_frame, componentA_glass, etc.) so I know when importing the compo in another skp master file which material belongs to which component instead of a huge mess.

Of course, if sketchup was able to SORT the materials list BY groups/components (by showing some folder tree grouping for example - or even better - by hiding the materials names that don’t belong to the edited group/component) it would be less useful, but I think it would be a starting point.

What I’d wish is a batch renaming system allowing prefix, suffix, placeholders a bit similar (but simpler) than Bulk Rename Utility.

I used to rename the materials with numerals (00 chassis, 00 glass, 00 metal, 00 wood, etc.) just to make sure the important ones are on the top of the materials list. It’s rare that materials of imported components (from 3dwh or commercial library ones) have materials name starting by 00 so this method is pretty flawless but I can’t spend my time renaming all the materials of a scene.

One method I think of just now is to use Transmutr to import SKP components files and use its renaming automation feature to prefix all the material names with the compo name but it’s not genuine.

Thomthom’s material renamer works well but it totally get rid of the original name so I don’t even have any hint of what it is, just looking at the material list (mat01, mat02, mat03, … etc.).

Any idea?