Removing text from an imported image

Hi Guys,

I am editing a current plan using sketchup and have stumbled across an issue.

I would like to remove the text labled vending machines…

I tried creating a rectangle over it deleting the face and then creating a new rectangle but when I delete the lines the original image comes back. Does anyone know a solution?


If you erase the edges, the face is removed. You can hide the lines by holding the Shift key while erasing. That will allow you to keep the face, but hide the edges.

Thanks for your prompt reply, appreciate it

I have one more query. The arcs are not creating as a solid shaped surface when I place them…


Arcs are just line segments. If you click the little down arrow next tot he arc icon, you can choose the Pie command. This command will create closed arcs.

Could you please send a snapshot to show me what you mean by the down arrow?

You can edit the texture image in your favorite raster image editor.
Right context click on the Face > Texture > Edit Texture Image

Choose the Pie tool.


Hi Geo,

Thanks for your reply.

I have been using the pie tool but when I draw over an imported image, it does not create a solid surface. Please see below.


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The Pie tool creates a coplanar closed loop of Edges and a Face within those bounding Edges.
You’re drawing upon an existing Face.
Thus, the tool creates the Edges and retains the existing Face to which is already applied a texture image.

I take it you want to create a 3D model using the drawings in the imported image as your reference.

Perhaps later for perspective drawings but at present I am editing an existing floor plan for my company

I’d suggest a slightly different approach.

Import the drawing photo into SketchUp as an Image entity … not as a Texture.
With that, the geometry you create sits on top, instead of melding into the existing Face.

Grouping the Face would also prevent new geometry from melding into the existing, but you’ll find the resulting Z-Fighting rather distracting.


Thats brilliant advice, thanks Geo!

No, just long experience…

Looks terrific. I was reseraching if Sketchup has been used by many professionals for construction drawings instead of CAD programs but looks as though it can produce some great floor plans.

A lot of us use Sketchup for constructional drawings in lieu of the ubiquitous and dreaded Autocad. You can use it for 2D drawing just as easily as for 3D and the presentation possibilities opened up by styles and Layout are way ahead of what most plain vanilla CAD can do.

There are a few things that are not so good in Sketchup, such as the absence of linestyles and not having true circles and arcs, but there are workarounds for pretty much everything.

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