Removing square inside another square



This is the first time I build a complete house with sketsup. By the use of photo’s and memory.

IN the house there is a staircase, but is looks like it is impossible to remove the hole where the stair should go trough.
I tried to make it transparqnce, but the the whole floor becomes transparance.
I tried to reomve the square and draw it again and even tried to remove the whole floor, but the problems remains the same.

What am I doing wrong?

huisje.skp (485.6 KB)


and a second picture (I am only allowed to post 1 picture per post)


There are too many drawing errors in the model. It’s not enough to fix the place you just mentioned. I would recommend following the tutorials you can find on the internet. Then you have to do your drawing again.


ok thank you. In that case I just leave it like that. I spend a whole day on this design. And drawing in Sketchup is not that much fun :wink: I thought it was just a small error.

Thank you again for looking.


Thinking that it’s not much fun drawing in SketchUp. That’s wrong.

Can you select the small rectangular face, the ‘opening to be’ in the floor that seems to have thickness (good thing!)?
If not, the four edges aren’t coplanar with the ceiling plane or just don’t intersect properly with that larger face. It shouldn’ t be that hard to fix. Unfortunately I can’t download/see your model right now.


One major issue with your model is that you have not used layers properly.
All basic geometry - that is faces and edges should be drawn on Layer0.
Then make a group or component of that geometry and assign a layer to that - layers are used to control visibility switching a layer off does not separate its objects from any that are ‘joined’ on another layer.
It’s important to separate geometry into logical ‘containers’ - that way their layers can be switched on/off as desired, and their geometry will not stick together unexpectedly.

Also, almost all of your geometry is modeled ‘inside-out’ !
View > Monochrome mode and you should see the off-white front faces - but most of your model’s faces appear blue-gray - the backsides !
Although it’s not fatal it is bad practice.
If you try to 3d-print with incorrectly oriented faces it can cause issues.
If you try to use a renderer with materials on back-faces, then most of them ignore the material - rendering the face as black, white or transparent !

Get into the habit of modeling in Monochrome mode and correcting reversed faces as you go - select the face[s] and use the context-menu to 'Reverse…'
Do not apply materials until you have robust geometry created etc…


Well let’s put it another way, I don’t think it is much fun, but I needed this for the redesign of the house.

When I select the square, the whole floor is selected. So anything I change then will effect the whole floor.


I did this because I wanted to show the house to de building company, bank and family. Like this it is easy to show the house without the roof or without the inside walls.
The stairs is seperated, because, I want to remocve the stairs completly

Thank you for the advise, I never knew that there is an inside out or a backside. I never knew that I could render the picture or 3d print it with sketchup. But I will not do that in this case.
But I will keep it in mind for the next time. For now I have changed it so all the white parts are looking to the outside.
huisje.skp (496.9 KB)

The last thing I did. Because the hole from the stairs was the last issue that I had. The picture is ready besides this.
But if it is to hard, I can still life with it. It is just a drawing of the current situation.


This sounds like you did not understand TIG’s point: You have numerous Edges and Faces associated with layers other than Layer0. That is not necessary for what you want to do, and will eventually lead to very confusing visibility issues such as Faces with no visible Edges or invisible surfaces that somehow still generate profiles.

All Edges and Faces should be drawn on Layer0 and left on Layer0. Then create Components or Groups from a related collection of Edges and Faces and associate the ComponentInstance or Group with a layer to switch visibility on and off. It is not necessary to associate the Component’s or Group’s contents with the same layer: hiding the Component’s layer will hide its contents regardless of their layer.

Edit: I also notice that you have not created any Groups or Components at all! That workflow will nearly always lead to issues because SketchUp will “glue together” Edges and Faces in the same context (loose in model, in a Group, or in a Component). You will have far fewer problems with things interfering with each other if, for example, you make each wall, each floor, the stairs, each roof, etc. into an individual Group or Component. In other words, make a Group or Component for each thing in the model that you could imagine as a separate object in the real world, only leave together the Edges and Faces needed to define that one object.


Thank you, but if I am not allowed to use layers, what is then the use of layers?


Who said you’re not allowed to use Layers? You are allowed to use them but you need to use them properly as has been described already. The way you’ve been using them is the root of some of the problems you’ve created.



Thank you for the link. I think I understand now. It is a strange way how they work wiith layers, never used it like this.

I do not going to change the current file, because thatr drawing is finished and almost perfect to work with. But I will save the file to a new file and move everything to layer0 and from there on I will to try to put everything in groups. So I can the plans for my rebuilding of the house.

After hearing the woman on the video, I have the intention to kill myself, wow, never heard somebody talk the lame and boring.


coolen, have a look!
huisje1.skp (400.1 KB)


wauw this is realy nice, it took me 2 days to build this and you solved
in no time. Thank you!


Thanks to Ecati the house looks much better, but now I am altering it somewhat and the compleet floor disappeard.
Even with ctrl + z I can not get it back. Could anyone help me?

huisje2.skp (431.0 KB)

edit: never mind, I solved it.


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