Removing spiral look of a pipe guardrail

When creating a spiral , in this case a guardrail , when rendering, how can I get the pipe not to have a stripped effect?

Perhaps you could show us at least a screen shot so we can see what you’re talking about?

And I guess you mean striped (with stripes) not stripped. Try Soften / Smooth the edges.

Looks as though you have View/Hidden lines checked. Try unchecking that.

I had to zoom right in to see it. Could you upload a small part of the model itself where the effect shows? Make a small selection round the pipes, make it a component, then R-click it, Save As… and upload the saved file.

Thanks that is all it was. Once again, thanks for being there. I need to play with the buttons more.

Glad it was as easy as that!

I will remember to do that in the future. Thanks for educating me.