Removing ground plane from inside of building

Hi everyone, I am new to sketchup and designing an underground greenhouse where the angles of the sun are critical. Do you know how I can remove the ground plane from the inside of the greenhouse so I can see exactly how the sunlight will travel through the greenhouse throughout the days/time of year? There is likely a simple solution but can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

Move the entire construction above the ground plane, or use a desktop version of Sketchup and in Shadows panel turn off ‘On ground’.

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Thanks, I’ve tried moving the structure above ground plane but it makes a significant different to the angles of the light within the building. I’ll look into the desktop version solution.

??? The sun’s rays in SketchUp run parallel. The curvature of the earth or the size of the Sun on the sky are not taken into account.

You would, of course, move the neighboring structures up with your model, and, if necessary construct a large face outside to act as the ground surface.

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You’re correct, I’ve just double checked and there are not significant differences so I will just build everything at ground level. Thanks for your help.

You can also copy the outside footprint of the structure, save as a group and drape the footprint on the ground plane. Then erase the portion of the ground plane defined by the footprint.