Remove variable view rotation!

The rotation (and the zoom) that varies and changes according to the click point on the screen, is by far the most useless and frustrating thing of sketchup (among many): remove it !!! A single fixed view rotation and zoom setting (with adjustable factor in the settings) is all it takes to work better, faster, and with less frustration!
Even the function that moves the camera in zoom and position, during a rotation, with the pretense of being an intelligent support, has nothing intelligent! It’s just a big pain in the ass!
Do us and yourself a favor: remove them !!!
Thank you.

Hello, I find it very convenient…


I don’t really understand what’s wrong with that…

But what is absolutely sure:

It’s from something else … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t think any serious user of SketchUp would agree with this. I certainly would consider it a big step backward to loose these valuable features. A single fixed view would really slow down navigation and make it much much more difficult to navigate a model.

I can sympathize with feeling frustration while learning to use SketchUp sophisticated camera controls. I think many find the curser centric movement confusing at first, but invariably those that stick with it learn how powerful it really is once they fully understand how to use it.