Reload Texures & Highlight Untextured

SketchUp Make 2016, under the Tools menu had 2 functions that I can’t find. One was Reload Textures and the other was Highlight Untextured. They both seem to have been removed for SketchUp Make 2017. And searching SU help doesn’t have any info when I did a search on “Reload Textures”. But I have found that that is generally the case when using the SU help function. I use SU Make for X-Plane scenery where each object can only use a single texture image making any readjustment very complicated. Reload Textures was a perfect way to have modified textures reapplied to the model.

I’ve never heard of these features. Maybe you were using a plugin?

To reload a texture however you can edit it in the material browser. Click on the Browse Material Image File button and click open without changing the link and the file should be reloaded. Highlighting is a bit more difficult but you can change the color to something extreme like neon purple to easier spot it.

Hi Julia,

I did use a plug-in named “SketchUp2XPlane_170.rbz” with SketchUp Make
2016 and previous versions but I don’t know if it added the Update Textures
function. It imported the plug-in using the
Windows->Preferences->Extensions menu item which doesn’t exist in the 2017
version of SketchUp Make. I used the Help->Knowledge Center to learn how
to install the Plug-in. But I find that the SketchUp Help system never
gets me the information I need and is one of the worst help systems that I
have ever used and I’ve been using PCs since they first came out in 1983.
I’m not going to bother you with finding out how to load my plug-in. I
will just continue to use the 2016 version and never update SketchUp
again. I did try to log in to the Extension Warehouse and needed to update
my password. It sent me a link to update my password and said it would be
valid for 72 hours. But each time I tried to update I got a response that
said the link was no longer valid.

I’m sorry to say this because I do like & use your product but I fear
that it is suffering because of the incompetent changes & upgrades that are
being made by your tech staff and directors.

I will try the things that you suggest and do hope that they work.


I did try to do as you suggested but couldn’t find the Browse Material
Image File button in the Material section of the default tray. Perhaps it
isn’t in the Make version of SketchUp.

It is in the Materials window in Make.

Thanks Dave !!!

Thanks for you help. I see it now.