Reformatted pc lost 2015 sketchup, need basic shapes diagrams like county assessor style

Hi, I lost google sketchup 2015 free version that i used to draw basic footprints of buildings for insurance inspections, i cannot seem to find a download of that or a year or two newer. i do not see how i can do this in the online version. i emailed sketchup and they said i can subscribe to annual shop plan and do a basic 2-d style square, put a street label, north direction and sqft on it. Can anyone chime in about this and advise me if it works for that easily or if there is the old archaic version somewhere for windows download still? Thank you for your time.

Using that version in your business violates the EULA. You should have been using SketchUp Pro. At this point you would need to use either SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro for your work. Either one can be used for your work.

It sounds like you asking for the ability to add geo-location information. SketchUp Shop can insert a map view while SketchUp Pro will give you either map or imagery along with terrain.

Map in Shop (or Pro):

Imagery in Pro.

Hi res imagery is also available in many areas.

Thank you for replying. This is what i diagram, it pays $3 a diagram 5 or so a week so i would prefer to buy the cheaper version as this is not a real profitable part of my job as it is. I have to export to pdf or jpg like this style, none of that fancy stuff is allowed. I am not sure what this is called. I usually grab a rectangle tool, draw a couple lines and put a couple labels. Will shop do this, the cheaper version? If not then it is kind of a net negative income on these if i pay $300 a year and i will just quit doing them or learn a new software. paying $25 a month for the expensive version is about what they pay after taxes to do so id be working for free at that point.

Yes. You can do that in the Shop version.

cool thank you for your help. i didnt want to buy shop and get into an annual expense and then find out i needed the 300 a year one and just wasted the money as it would exceed the income it generates after driving out and measuring and all that involved. appreciate your help, have a good day

Happy to help. You have a good day, too.

FWIW, I roughly replicated what you showed in SketchUp Shop. I didn’t bother to edit the style to make the background white but that could be done, too.

Not really sure why you would bother with a 3d program if you just want 2d.

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I have not found another 2d program that i can do angles like bay windows with. Is there something you recommend. I have just been idling along using this old 2015 software for six years until the other day. I still use 2013 microsoft streets and trips as they discontinued that as well. The nice thing was you bought a copy and you had it forever.

thank you. the nice thing about sketchup is you can remove space with the eraser whereas the insurance provided software like rapid sketch you have to start over vs scrub the over draw angles and it is time consuming to get things to close. They used to let us use assessor diagram and put labels but now we have to have it done manually which gets tricky when you get a weird one. The diagrams is not the meat of my job it is just a necessary evil a few times a week, sometimes a few times a month on good months.

There are a number of 2D CAD programs out there that would let you do what you need but you can stick with SketchUp. Whatever software you use, the price of it is part of the cost of doing business. As such you should be able to write it off.