Refining View Stats in 3D Warehouse

My URL is:

I have a great curiosity concerning who (or if anyone) might be viewing my drawings on my 3D Warehouse collection

I named my drawing collection: Pistonrobot

Could SketchUP consider a feature whereby:

If the owner of a 3D Warehouse collection

  1. logged in to the 3D Warehouse and

  2. went to that owner’s collection and

  3. checked on the “views” option, then SketchUP would display a box that could be checked.

Checking this box would run a “suboption” of the 3D Warehouse wherein, if the box were checked, then the number of views displayed would only be those views that were not views by the owner of the collection ?

If the 3D Warehouse collection were viewed by anyone other than the owner of the collection, including if the owner viewed the collection while not logged in, then the “suboption” listed above would not be displayed and the “views” option would function as it currently functions.

Thanks pg

@patrickgray Thanks for the feedback, we will investigate.