Referencing an architectural plan (pdf) properly, is it possible?

Hey everyone,

I am planning to draw and render our soon to be built house in Sketchup based off of the plans of our architect that I do have in a PDF format. I saw several videos and tutorials on how to import images and use them to draw along but I wonder if there isn’t a way to work more exactly. Images are blurred quite heavily even if imported in a high res format. I already noticed the OpenGL settings to render them in a better quality but still they blur a lot which makes referencing them a bit pointless. I would probably be better of drawing from scratch without loading the plan as a base that way.

So I guess my question is: What’s your way to do this when you’re aiming for precision. I don’t have a dxf file at the moment unfortunately. I guess this would be the best base to draw from.


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It depends on what type it is, raster or vector. If it’s vector, then you can use Inkscape to turn it into a DXF file that you import into SketchUp.

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If you have a good screen image I often take a screen print as a PNG file and use that. It still ain’t great but it’s better than a pdf.

I forgot to say that it’s a vector. It’s a “real” pdf not just an image trapped into a PDF container :wink:

I’ll try the inkscape way. Thanks!

One I’ve been asking for, for a while.