Reference model of workshop recommendation?

I like to have a reference when I create woodworking projects, for scale and visualization purposes…
Can someone recommend a low poly backdrop shop with people in it?

Separately, does anyone know of any virtual rulers for Sketchup, for doing 2D work?


What sort of stuff do you want in this “backdrop shop”? You should be able to find plenty of things to use in the 3D Warehouse to make your own. Usually when I want to provide some sort of scale reference for a furniture model, I just use a 2D human figure.

How would you use this virtual ruler you’re asking about. You should be modeling at fill size. For 2D illustrations you can add appropriate dimensions in LayOut. If you want some sort of scale to use in LayOut for picking dimensions from, that’s easily model in SketchUp or drawn using the Scaled Drawing option in LayOut.


I’m trying to force myself to modeling as much as possible before firing up the CNC…
That means I need to SU to feel as real as possible.
In real life when I’m designing furniture, I’m using a tape measure and comparing the things I cut on the tablesaw etc., to real life objects…

Here is the makeshift solution I came up with:

I guess I’ve not seen a need to do that when I’m modeling pieces of furniture or whatever. I know what the dimensions are as I am modeling. I’d only use something as a size reference when showing the model to someone else and if the scale of the piece isn’t obvious. It depends on what the piece is. It also helps to make sure textures are at the proper size when you add things like wood grain or other textures that might give clues as to the size.

As I wrote before, you can download models from the 3D Warehouse if you want other objects for reference. Or maybe you could use the default figure included in some of the templates included with SketchUp.

Something like this key probably doesn’t need any sort of scale reference but the figuring out the size of this clock in this image is probably helped by the furniture pieces.

Many thanks.
It’s a creative quirk I suppose…
With the rulers I’m just trying to make myself feel like I’m in the shop, and it helps create the illusion better to look at an actual scale rather that the tape measure or dimension tool…
Thanks for those references though…