Reducing size of model full of tris

So I got a model from a game in .max, converted to .skp
Now I have a model with slightly less than 10k entities. I just want to use it for reference for a IRL handmade model I’m making, but I can’t even scale it up (model is less than 10cm in one axis when it should be at least 1.8m) The model is full of fake quads of tris.
Please help
ImageToStl.com_2011_lotus_t125.skp (2.1 MB)

It is considerably bigger:

I have no problem resizing the model. Use the Tape Measure tool, click on two points and immediately type the length the distance should be with Enter, and click OK to the alert about resizing the model.

The model comes from some application that uses model coordinates in a non-CAD way. In SketchUp and CAD blue(z) direction is up.

Go to to take free interactive courses about using the application. There is also lots of information in the SketchUp YouTube channel.

I think I misread. Probably left out 1 digit.

Well I do know how to do those things you;ve mentioned, but my computer is lagging very badly. Takes at least 10 seconds to select the model.

Can you help me orient it the right way and make the width 1890mm (anything around 2 meters is large enough)? I won’t need to alter the model, only add section planes, but currently the model’s difficult to navigate about. (could you use the model attached in this reply instead)


ImageToStl.com_2011_lotus_t125 (SU 2017).skp (6.0 MB)

also, the sizeable difference in file size seems to be because this is in 2017 SKP. file size became much bigger after using a plugin to change from 2022(?) to 2017.

You should import the stl at a larger unit. The import dialog has an options button that gives you access to other settings.

I don’t know how to do all these. I simply got a .max file and then I just put it in an online converter and it’s .skp, so I can view it properly and add section cuts.

Try this.
ImageToStl.com_2011_lotus_t125 (SU 2017)Box.skp (2.9 MB)

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Or this:
ImageToStl.com_2011_lotus_t125.skp (3.2 MB)
Resized, rotated 90 degrees round Red axis, used CleanUp.

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