Reduce number of tags/layers in a component

Is there maybe already a thread on this?
If I import a component which has many clever tags or layers - but I now want to use component as is and not have all these tags coming into my existing model where I import the component… How can I reduce the number of tags in the component? Anyone who has some tips on this? Please?

Always best to open and clean components in a blank model before using them in your model.

This allows you to simply select and delete layers/tags in one go.


Import the component in a new empty SketchUp instance and start deleting the tags

Sorry @Box, this looks like I was reading your mind and copying your thoughts. Which I can"t (luckily).

No, I read your mind and used my time machine to get it in before you.

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How come you did not read mine and gave me the answer before I asked?! Or maybe I should just be happy not having you in my mind… :slight_smile:


@g.h.hubers and @Box thank you for your input. I just needed to figure out how to reduce tags… and by that realize I have a lot of components to “clean up” :slight_smile: