Reduce Function doesn't work

I wanna reduce an imported window in Sketchup pro 2021. I download it from the 3D warehouse into my model and want to enlarge or reduce it. But it didn’t work. I explode it etc. But the “jumps” back into the old sizes of changed in pieces… What is the problem?
Sorry for my terrible english (from Holland) I hope you understand it :slight_smile:

Use Scale tool instead, and don’t explode the model.

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Even then…

By enlarge, for example, do you want the 1 m wide window to be 1.6 m wide?
Then use Move tool

Sounds like it may be a dynamic component. Add a link to it in the warehouse and someone will check it.

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Tuscany® Series Double Casement Window

It’s like Box said, a dynamic component.
Right-click on it > Dynamic Components > Component Options

Im sorry. I did it already. I deleted my question :slight_smile: