Reduce file size also for Layout files

Kudos to @SketchUpTeam forconsiderably reducing file size of Sketchup files in 2021. Now my files are about 1/3 of what they used to be in 2020!

Now please do the same for Layout. :slight_smile:

Some bad news for you, LayOut has already been using some of the same techniques, forever as far as I know. LayOut files get big if you insert the same SketchUp file every time, instead of copying one insert and pasting into the other page that needs the same model. Doing that will reduce the file size a lot. Also purge unused things in the SketchUp models, then update the references in LayOut.

I see, well maybe you can find some more optimizations…

And yes I always use copy/paste and clean-up referenced files as often as possible so nothing much can be gained there…

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