Redesign the Style Edit Tab


I’m talking about this bit:

This really is a horrible UI.
Mainly for two reasons i think:
The image shows the “sub-tab” Face settings. that’s not easyly recognized by itself, because the line below the icons indicates a break of some sorts, whereas the EDIT Tab is not separated from it’s content… and the faces icon actually looks like indented, aka an active button, vs. the EDIT Tab being more like outdented.
What makes things worse, are the Style icons below, which look like the same type of element as the “sub-tab” icons above. But these are actually radio-button type elements. No, worse: There’s the X-ray icon, that works like a checkbox-type…

Uuh, do i really have to say more?

I am puzzled, why is there such a horrible peace of UI in such a clever software? Is there a too clever reason behind it for me to see it?

Well, maybe it’s already in SU2017, which statistically could come around anytime now…